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Symposium 2014

Nutrition and Health

The annual symposium shed light on the current nutrition guidelines efficacy and their impact on health. In this section, you can read the summary of the presentations.

Symposium 2014 Presentation Summaries

  • Is it time to revisit saturated fat guidelines?

    Current dietary guidelines from many health organizations emphasize the importance of limiting saturated fat (SFA) intake, thereby supporting the recommendation that low-fat milk products should replace higher-fat milk products, an important source of dietary SFA. Yet, the extent to which...

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  • Dairy fat, obesity and cardiometabolic health

    We conducted a systematic literature review of observational studies on the relationship between dairy-fat and high-fat dairy consumption with obesity and cardiometabolic disease. In 18 of 25 studies, high-fat dairy intake was inversely associated with measures of adiposity. Studies...

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  • Dietary sugars and health

    Sugars have replaced fat as the dominant public health concern in nutrition, sparking numerous debates. These issues have largely been driven by low-quality scientific evidence (e.g., ecological studies) linking increased intake of sugars with increased obesity and diabetes rates, along...

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  • Sodium recommendations – What are optimal levels?

    Dietary sodium, essential to human existence, has sometimes been a scarce and much valued nutrient. More recently, however, many authorities have suggested that the sodium intake of most people is excessive, and responsible for increased risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality. The...

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