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Symposium 2013

Nutrition and Health

The annual symposium shed light on the impact of protein on health. In this section, you can read the summary of the presentations.

Symposium 2013 Presentation Summaries

  • Protein Requirements

    Dietary protein is an essential component of a healthy diet for humans. Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) are recommendations set at a population level to ensure adequate intakes of nutrients, including protein. The current protein recommendations for healthy adults (19-70y) are based on...

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  • Protein and Healthy Aging

    Recent advances in protein research might have the potential to improve health outcomes and status, especially with regards to maintaining healthy muscles now and preventing muscle loss with aging (sarcopenia). The beneficial effects of dietary protein on muscle health in adults continue...

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  • Protein and Weight Management

    The scientific data to date indicates that a high-protein diet accentuates the impact of weight reduction on body fatness, attenuates the physiological vulnerability of the weight-reduced obese individual, and promotes fat-free mass retention during weight loss. Dietary protein and...

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  • Protein in the Kitchen

    Demos for Dietitians presents some easy-to-prepare recipes In today’s fast-paced life, many Canadians are preparing less food at home and lack the knowledge and skills needed to prepare delicious, wholesome meals. As health professionals, we need to be able to educate people on healthy...

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2013 SYMPOSIUM REPORT Download the 2013 Symposium Report


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