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Symposium 2008

Living Long. Living Healthy.

Baby boomers, the largest segment of our population and representing about one in three Canadians, now range in age from 45 to 65 years. Like no generation before them, they are looking for ways to prolong their lives while staying youthful as long as possible. This very timely topic was the theme for the 2008 symposium presented by the team of registered dietitians at Dairy Farmers of Canada. Unable to attend? No problem, the following provides a summary of the presentations for you.

Symposium 2008 Presentation Summaries

  • Nutrigenomics: Implications on Practice

    Since nutrigenomics explores how nutrients and food bioactives interact with genes to affect health outcomes, this new branch of science may have important implications with respect to the aging process. One of the major goals of research in this area is to provide a scientific basis for...

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  • Dietary Protein and Bone Health

    Bone is a dynamic tissue that changes throughout life, with peak bone mass attained by 30-40 years of age. Loss of bone with advancing age is a universal phenomenon in both women and men. Because nutrition is well known to play a key role in skeletal health, it is very important for both...

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  • The Impact of Diet on Muscle Mass with Age

    What chronic health conditions should we worry about most as we get older? Statistics indicate that our number one concern should be heart disease, followed closely by cancer and diabetes. The good news is that each of these carries with it a significant lifestyle component. That is,...

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  • Nutrition and Cognitive Function

    Cognitive abilities are at the core of an individual’s independence and quality of life at all stages of life. While components of cognitive health have been shown to decline during normal aging, lifestyle factors, especially nutrition, are increasingly being confirmed as powerful...

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