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Portable Milk

Some milk products don’t require refrigeration. How is that possible? UHT pasteurization and aseptic packaging allow milk to be kept at room temperature.

UHT refers to Ultra-High Temperature, meaning that milk has been pasteurized between 138°C and 158°C for a few seconds. This ultra-pasteurization has very little effect on milk’s nutritional quality.1 After cooling down, the milk is poured in a sterilized aseptic package without air-contact. If the package remains closed, the milk can be stored without refrigeration for months, as indicated by the best before date. Once opened, UHT milk should be placed in the refrigerator and consumed just like regular milk.


  1. Gedam K et al. The Study on UHT Processing of Milk: A Versatile Option for Rural Sector. World J. Dairy & Food Sci., 2007, 2(2): p. 49-53.

Keywords: UHT

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