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Under Consumption of Milk Products

In 2006, Statistics Canada released its report on Canadians’ Eating Habits from the Canadian Community Health Survey.1

More than 35,000 people were asked to complete a 24-hour dietary recall. Among the main messages: A large proportion of the Canadian population in all age groups is not meeting their recommendations for milk products, fruits and vegetables.1 

Percentage below recommended minimum number of servings of milk products

Findings: Milk & Milk Products

More than one-third of those four to nine years do not meet the minimum recommendations. Worse, by their late teens, Canadians’ average consumption is below recommendations, meaning that the majority does not get the quantity of milk products suggested to support health. By 10 to 16 years, 61% of boys and 83% of girls do not meet their recommended minimum of three daily servings. As well, 65-84% of adults (31 years and older) do not meet the milk product recommendation. Moreover, >70% of those 50+ did not meet the recommendation of two servings/day.1 This is even more problematic as the recommendation for individuals 50+ has since increased to three servings/day.3

Percentage of the population who consume the recommended number of servings of milk products.1

Age group Men Women
71 and over 21% 16%
51 to 70 years 26% 20%
31 to 50 years 35% 28%
17 to 30 years 54% 35%
10 to 16 years 39% 17%
4 to 9 years 63% 63%

(By age group, household population aged 4 or older, Canada, excluding territories, 2004.)*

* The data mentioned in the text above, as well as in the chart, was published before the release of the 2007 Canada’s Food Guide. Consequently, the number of minimum servings indicated here might vary from those found in the 2007 Canada’s Food Guide.


  1. Statistics Canada, 2006, Nutrition: Findings from the Canadian Community Health Survey. Overview of Canadians’ Eating Habits. Catalogue no. 82-620-MIE-No. 2.
  2. Health Canada. Food and Nutrition.

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