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Milk Product Consumption Per Capita

Every year the Canadian Dairy Information Centre from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada releases per capita consumption data on various food items according to food availability and disappearance data. New data is released each year and reflects the estimated consumption of the previous year. The numbers are based on sales and are an overestimation since they do not include losses.

The per capita consumption of milk products for 2018 is as follows1:
Total Fluid Milk 65.22 L (179 mL per day)
Total Cheeses 21.35 Kg (58 g per day)*
Yogurt 9.87 L (27 mL per day)

Of the Total Fluid Milk consumption, 2% milk represents the largest intake:

  • 2% Milk = 32.79 L
  • 1% Milk = 11.92 L
  • Whole (3.25%) milk = 10.41 L
  • Skim milk = 4.57 L
  • Chocolate and other flavoured milk = 5.53 L

* This number includes 1.87 kg of processed cheese


  1. Canadian Dairy Information Centre – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Dairy products available in Canada. 2018.

Keywords: milk , chocolate milk , data on consumption

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