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Designed for consumers, this site highlights the fact that the majority of Canadians do not consume enough milk products. The site provides nutritional information to help them meet the recommended servings of Milk and Alternatives according to Canada's Food Guide.


Dairy Nutrition Continuing Education

The online programs below present general information on nutrition and health, as well as the latest research findings regarding the role of milk products. All programs can be accessed free of charge and the detailed instructions are given in each section.

Symposium 2016

In this section, you can read the summary of the presentations.

What's New

The DASH Diet: What It Is and What the Research Says

Numerous studies have confirmed the beneficial role of the DASH dietary pattern on blood pressure, and various DASH-style diets have also been examined.

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Bone Health: Studies in Adults and the Elderly

A 2015 meta-analysis of 15 randomized controlled trials (n = 1,533) by Tai et al. examined whether increasing calcium from dietary sources affects bone mineral density. A 2013 meta-analysis of...

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Bone Health: Studies in Children and Adolescents

There is consistent evidence that milk and milk products play an important role in the development of strong and healthy bones in children and adolescents and in helping them achieve peak bone mass.

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Milk Products and Bone Health: Potential Mechanisms

Milk products contain many nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin D, protein and phosphorus, which play a key role in the formation and maintenance of optimal bone health.

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Milk Products and Breast Cancer

According to the 2010 report by the World Cancer Research Fund International, the authority on diet and cancer, no conclusions can be drawn between milk products and breast cancer due to limited...

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Milk Products and Bladder Cancer

Current evidence from the scientific literature, including meta-analyses and cohort studies, suggests that milk and milk products may reduce the risk of bladder cancer.

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