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  • Institute of Medicine's DRIs for Calcium and Vitamin D

    Following a comprehensive review of the scientific literature, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) issued recommendations for intakes of calcium and vitamin D based on their key role in skeletal health, consistent with a cause-and-effect relationship. Highlights:Scientific evidence indicates...

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  • Calcium Requirements

    In 2010, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) published new Dietary Reference Intakes for calcium. These recommendations are based on an analysis of more than 1000 studies and reports and were established to allow the majority of people to achieve and maintain good bone health.

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  • Consumer Perception and Understanding of Front-of-Package Nutrition Labelling

    While some studies show that front-of-package labelling helps consumers identify healthier foods, others suggest that consumers may misinterpret these labels. The understanding of front-of-package labelling appears to depend on a combination of factors related to the label format and consumer characteristics.

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