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  • Effects of Drinking Milk Following Exercise

    Skeletal muscle is important for regulation of blood glucose as well as blood lipids as it is the largest site for glucose disposal and lipid oxidation. Thus, resistance exercise (to gain, or prevent loss of even a small amount of muscle) may have important health benefits. In an acute...

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  • Milk Products and Bone Health: Potential Mechanisms

    Milk products contain many nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin D, protein and phosphorus, which play a key role in the formation and maintenance of optimal bone health.

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  • Milk Allergies

    Milk allergies are rare in adults and should not be confused with lactose intolerance. Milk allergies involve immunological reactions, while lactose intolerance involves digestive factors. Milk allergies and lactose intolerance are therefore not similar conditions and should be treated...

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  • Protein and Bone Health

    While calcium and vitamin D are well recognized for their role in the prevention of osteoporosis, the impact of dietary protein on bone health is less well understood. A well-accepted hypothesis holds that high-protein diets are possibly/potentially detrimental to bone because they...

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  • Definitions, Situation of Osteoporosis in Canada and Risk Factors

    Osteoporosis is a disease with its roots in childhood, as bone size, strength, and mineralization peak in one's 20s. Since bone mass declines with advancing age and menopause, individuals who attain optimal peak bone mass during their younger years will have an advantage as they get older. Although it is largely genetically predetermined, peak bone mass is not always attained due to inadequate calcium and vitamin D intakes, poor overall nutrition, lack of physical activity, and other factors such as smoking.

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  • Role of Protein in Bone Health

    In a review paper by renowned bone health expert Robert P. Heaney and protein metabolism expert Donald K. Layman, the evidence related to protein and bone health was examined: Loss of bone mass (osteopenia) and loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia) that occur with age are closely...

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  • Role of Other Nutrients in Bone Health

    Nutrients other than calcium and vitamin D that have been implicated in bone health are outlined in Table 2.

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  • Milk Products and Weight : The Importance of the Threshold Effect

    Although the evidence is still in its infancy, it is believed that there is a threshold level of calcium intake, above which there may be no further benefits with respect to weight management.

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  • Healthy Weight: Calcium Supplements and Milk Products

    Almost all studies to date have examined either milk products or calcium supplements on measures of body weight.

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  • Chocolate Milk and Post Exercise Recovery

    Although there is no scientific basis for the commonly held belief that adults require eight to 10 glasses of water daily, liquids do need to be consumed before, during and after physical activity to support adequate hydration and replace fluid and electrolytes lost through perspiration....

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