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  • Canadian Ethnographic Study

    In order to add a new perspective to the existing data on Canadians’ eating habits, the Canadian Council of Food and Nutrition observed what a group of Canadians ate and drank through a series of food-related activities, such as grocery shopping and preparing solo or family meals. This first ethnographic study was conducted online, with the help of food records and photos. So, what did it show?

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  • Vitamin D Status

    Vitamin D status is measured using serum 25(OH)D levels. This reflects vitamin D derived from food or endogenous synthesis.Vitamin D deficiency is defined as a serum 25(OH) level < 37.5 nmol/l in adults or < 27.5 nmol/l in infants and children.The suggested target for optimal level of...

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  • Milk Product Consumption Per Capita

    Every year the Canadian Dairy Information Centre from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada releases per capita consumption data on various food items according to food availability and disappearance data. New data is released each year and reflects the estimated consumption of the previous...

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  • Chocolate Milk Consumption in Canada

    It is estimated that chocolate milk and other flavoured milks contribute to 2.6% of total sugars* consumption per adult per day.

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