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  • Synopsis: Bone Health and Osteoporosis

    Bone health is important for overall health and quality of life and is dependent on bone mass, bone architecture and body mechanics.1,2 Optimal bone health status is crucial to prevent osteoporosis, which is a disease characterized by low bone mass and bone microarchitectural deterioration, leading to bone fragility and an increased risk of fracture.2,3


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  • Role of Protein in Bone Health

    In a review paper by renowned bone health expert Robert P. Heaney and protein metabolism expert Donald K. Layman, the evidence related to protein and bone health was examined: Loss of bone mass (osteopenia) and loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia) that occur with age are closely...

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  • Protein and Bone Health

    While calcium and vitamin D are well recognized for their role in the prevention of osteoporosis, the impact of dietary protein on bone health is less well understood. A well-accepted hypothesis holds that high-protein diets are possibly/potentially detrimental to bone because they...

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  • Role of Other Nutrients in Bone Health

    Nutrients other than calcium and vitamin D that have been implicated in bone health are outlined in Table 2.

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  • Role of Calcium Supplements in Bone Health

    Several studies have demonstrated that milk products are superior to calcium supplements alone, likely due to the role of other nutrients found in milk products that have also been shown to be important for bone health. Only one head-to-head study has addressed the role of calcium...

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  • Bone Health: Studies in Adults and the Elderly

    HighlightsMilk product consumption appears to reduce bone loss;Milk products, particularly milk, are associated with improved bone mineral density;Calcium derived from dietary sources and dairy products has been found to improve bone health. A 2015 meta-analysis of 15 randomized...

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  • Bone Health: Studies in Children and Adolescents

    There is consistent evidence that milk and milk products play an important role in the development of strong and healthy bones in children and adolescents and in helping them achieve peak bone mass.

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  • Milk Products and Bone Health: Potential Mechanisms

    Milk products contain many nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin D, protein and phosphorus, which play a key role in the formation and maintenance of optimal bone health.

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  • The alkaline diet, the acid-ash hypothesis and bone health

    Numerous webpages, books for lay persons, and alternative health practitioners espouse that diets favouring protein foods (especially meat and dairy products) and grains produce excess acid, such as phosphate, that must be buffered. They claim that this buffering mobilizes bone mineral...

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  • Calcium Requirements

    In 2010, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) published new Dietary Reference Intakes for calcium. These recommendations are based on an analysis of more than 1000 studies and reports and were established to allow the majority of people to achieve and maintain good bone health.

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