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  • Scientific Evidence > Cardiovascular Disease

    Cardiovascular Disease and Milk Products: Summary of Evidence

    A large and robust body of evidence indicates that milk products are associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

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  • Scientific Evidence > Roles on Certain Health Conditions

    Milk Products and Type 2 Diabetes

    The relationship between milk product consumption and type 2 diabetes has been examined in a number of studies including several meta-analyses. The totality of the evidence to date indicates that milk products, including higher fat milk products, as well as yogurt and cheese specifically, are associated with a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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  • Scientific Evidence > Cancer

    Milk Products and Colorectal Cancer

    According to the Third Expert Report by the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research,  the world’s leading authority on cancer prevention research related to diet, weight and physical activity, there is strong evidence (probable) that consuming dairy products (total dairy, milk, cheese) reduces the risk of colorectal cancer.

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  • Nutrients in Milk Products > Vitamin D

    Vitamin D: Nutritional Contribution of Milk Products and Food Regulations

    Vitamin D is found mainly in milk products but also in egg yolks and fatty fish, such as tuna and salmon. Milk products contribution to vitamin D intake compared to other foods is 60%.1 According to Canada’s Food and Drugs Act2, cow’s milk is fortified with 88 to 117 IU (2.2 to 2.9...

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  • Nutrients in Milk Products > Calcium

    Bioavailability of Calcium in Soy Beverages

    Health professionals are increasingly aware of the importance of mineral bioavailability in the foods we eat. Calcium is of particular importance, as it represents one of the most under-consumed nutrients in North America. Because of the current popularity of calcium, many...

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  • Nutrients in Milk Products > Calcium

    Calcium and Bioavailability

    Bioavailability is the degree to which a nutrient is absorbed and utilized by the body.

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  • Scientific Evidence > Hypertension

    Hypertension: Summary of Evidence

    Data from several studies, such as systematic reviews and randomized-controlled trials including the landmark DASH diet study, have consistently demonstrated a beneficial association between milk product consumption and the prevention and management of hypertension.

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Consumer-friendly tip sheets

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New insights on the role of milk products in the prevention of type 2 diabetes

Interested in learning more about the latest evidence on the role of milk products in the prevention of type 2 diabetes?

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Protein for Bone Health: Evidence Update and Implications for Practice

Interested in learning more about the latest evidence on protein and bone health?

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Milk Products and Mucus Secretion

Is it okay to drink milk when suffering from a cold? Does milk increase mucus secretions in the respiratory tract? These are questions sometimes asked. The overall research does not support the...

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The Effect of Milk Products on Inflammation

Evidence from systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials suggests that milk product consumption does not have an adverse effect on inflammation. In fact, milk products may reduce systemic...

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Milk Products and Asthma

The overall scientific evidence suggests that milk products do not increase the risk of developing asthma or exacerbate asthma symptoms. In fact, emerging evidence suggests...

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Diet, CVD and mortality: State of the evidence

Wondering what is the latest scientific evidence on saturated fat and its association with CVD outcomes and mortality?

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Practice update: Bone health, calcium and milk products

What does research say about bone health, calcium, and the role of dairy products? View our latest factsheet on this topic.

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The environment and milk: get the facts

Watch this webinar to gain a better understanding of the current environmental footprint of milk production in Canada and the ways farmers have proactively reduced it.

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