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  • Scientific Evidence > Roles on Certain Health Conditions

    Milk Products in the Prevention of Sarcopenia

    A limited number of studies have investigated the role of milk products in sarcopenia. According to the most recent findings, the consumption milk products may improve muscle mass and strength, thereby helping prevent sarcopenia in older adults.

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  • Scientific Evidence > Bone Health and Osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis and Fractures Are Under-Recognized Among Asians

    There is a growing concern about osteoporosis and fractures among Asian populations. Although milk products can help prevent osteoporosis, they are under-consumed by these population groups.

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  • Scientific Evidence > Experts' Summaries

    Study: Do Young Athletes Make Appropriate Food Choices Before, During, and After Competition?

    It is important that the diet of young athletes meets nutritional recommendations. This is what our research team examined at the 2011 Quebec and Canada Winter Games.

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  • Data on Consumption > Qualitative Data

    Impact of Front-of-Package Labelling on Food Choices and Purchasing Behaviour

    Front-of-package labelling systems have been proposed as an approach to guide healthier food choices at the point of purchase. However, it is inconclusive whether front-of-package labels influence consumer purchasing behaviour.

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  • Scientific Evidence > Experts' Summaries

    What is the Impact of Removing Chocolate Milk from Schools?

    Increasing childhood obesity rates have made food intake at school a focal point for policy makers, school administrators, parents, and the media. Flavoured milks are being limited or even eliminated from some schools in Canada and the U.S. … with unintended consequences that could critically hinder optimal nutrient intakes.

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  • Symposium > 2013

    Protein in the Kitchen

    Demos for Dietitians presents some easy-to-prepare recipes In today’s fast-paced life, many Canadians are preparing less food at home and lack the knowledge and skills needed to prepare delicious, wholesome meals. As health professionals, we need to be able to educate people on healthy...

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  • Symposium > 2014

    Sodium recommendations – What are optimal levels?

    Dietary sodium, essential to human existence, has sometimes been a scarce and much valued nutrient. More recently, however, many authorities have suggested that the sodium intake of most people is excessive, and responsible for increased risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality. The...

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  • Symposium > 2013

    Protein and Weight Management

    The scientific data to date indicates that a high-protein diet accentuates the impact of weight reduction on body fatness, attenuates the physiological vulnerability of the weight-reduced obese individual, and promotes fat-free mass retention during weight loss. Dietary protein and...

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